This year’s Christmas will be extra special thanks to the new Christmas Tins celebrating Fernet-Branca’s 175th Anniversary. The new packaging design in four different pop art colours pays a tribute to four historical Cocktail Bars of Milan, the home town of Fernet-Branca.
Each tin contains ingredients and instructions for mixing four special cocktails: easy to prepare at home and just the thing for impressing guests, they have been conceived in collaboration with four famous Milanese venues: Ceresio7 Pools&Restaurant presents “175 Boulevard Branca”; “Digestivo del lavoro” is the drink signed by Lacerba Milano; Mag Cafè proposes “You Can’t Imagine this Flavor” and, last but not least, “Branca Home Punch” is the cocktail bearing the name of the Octavius Bar at The Stage Milano.


An unprecedented limited edition of the unique bitter amaro for collecting or gifting. The new special pack contains a copper mug embellished by the unmistakable eagle logo and the recipe for an exceptional cocktail that is easy to mix at home, Fernet Cup N.1: its fresh and spicy flavour enhances all the taste and quality of Fernet-Branca. The original packaging tells the story of what makes the Milanese bitter amaro so unique, thanks to a pop art infographic in 3 different colours, red, fuchsia and green. The infusion of 27 different herbs and spices, a detailed description of its ageing process and two landmark dates, 1845, the year in which the product was created, and 1895, when the Branca trademark became an icon.


A new must-have edition for all lovers and fans of Fernet-Branca. Apart from the bottle, the pack contains two collectible glasses that are just perfect for enjoying Fernet-Branca in company. An original pack recounts the story of this inimitable Milanese bitter, by means of a 3-colour pop infographic. The infusion of 27 spices, details of the ageing process and a date, 1895, the year in which the Branca brand became an icon.


The whole world loves it: in Northern Europe, it is enjoyed as a shot between one beer and another, in Argentina is mixed with Cola and in the United States, bartenders greet you with a shot of Fernet-Branca. To each his own, and what about you? How do you like to drink it? Tell us about your favourite way to enjoy it.

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