BRANCAMILANO is a newcomer into the world of Branca cocktails. It is the fruit of the exceptional teamwork of Branca’s bartenders, who, thanks to their vibrant occupation, are always at the center of the ever-changing tastes and trends of Milan’s lively cafés and bars, as well as of the city’s dynamic cultural life.

To incorporate all of Milan into a single cocktail was not an easy task to accomplish.

Branca’s bartenders have submitted several recipes to the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo – an institution of a world-class excellence in food & beverage sector – which, with the due diligence, conducted a careful and technical study of both the sensory profiles of the submitted cocktails and their overall presentation.

Only 3 cocktails managed to make the cut of the professional scrutiny and to reach the final phase of the examination. Here, the special tasting committee, which included even Mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala among its members, made the final choice that eventually fell on BRANCAMILANO.

This new drink by Branca, has the three of company’s most iconic products at heart: 1,5 cl Fernet-Branca, 6 cl Antica Formula and 1,5 cl Stravecchio Branca. It is, thus, foreseen to become a classic Milanese aperitif for its excellence.


Orange, lemon, and peppermint gremolata
6 cl Antica Formula Carpano
1,5 cl Fernet-Branca
1,5 cl Stravecchio Branca


Start by first adding your gremolata at the bottom of the serving glass. Then move on to adding some ice and pouring the three drinks onto them. Mix everything with the steerer. if needed put more ice at the end.

Decoration: Peppermint leaves.

Glass: Old Fashioned.

Technique: Build.


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